Your Expert for management consulting focussing on Cannabis

Your expert for management consulting with focus on cannabis

The Cannabis Consultants were founded specifically for scenarios in the European market. Reducing hurdles in setting up and running companies in the cannabis sector is our specialty. We offer tailor-made solutions for your company. From classic media strategy to product design and EU-GMP processes: We can provide any form of support for you. Through our network, which we have built up and cultivated over the last few years, we can call on experts from a wide range of fields when needed and ensure that your company moves forward.

Our expertise


Purchasing expert with a great track record in leading various cannabis product purchases. Whether medicinal extracts, flowers, dronabinol, or even aroma oils for CBD products. Your concern is his mission.


Sales specialist with a strong focus on the medical market. Many years of experience in filling the necessary channels (doctors, pharmacists, patients) and the necessary tools.


With over 40 years as a Qualified Person for both the largest cannabis company in the world and various finished drug manufacturers, our expert in this area can find tailored solutions for you.


A true number wizard with a clear eye for value-creating strategies and a strong focus on your bottom line. Whether assessing a future investment in the industry or an external audit we are happy to support you with your projects.


Our marketing expert is a true jack-of-all-trades in her field. Cannabis is a highly regulated market, so you need someone with a lot of experience and a feel for the market to make sure your campaign reaches the right customers.

Event Management

Our event manager is a true luminary in her field. Since the beginning of the legal trade with cannabinoids, she has organized over 40 events for doctors, pharmacists and patients. So that your event will also be a success.

Our network

Over the years, our experts have built up a wide network of clients and partners that can help you achieve your business goals.

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Business Development

Sales support for the market launch of your products

  • Defining a marketing strategy
  • Negotiating sales contracts in Germany with key players as required

Business development and product mix

  • Define market launch strategy
  • Create a purchasing profile with products and master definition
  • Launch and negotiate with key industry partners to secure supply

Pricing strategy

  • Analysis of the existing product portfolio
  • Provide insight into the current price situation on the German market
  • Support in optimizing margins by acquiring new suppliers with lower prices

Regulatory and quality assurance

GMP, GDP, GxP process design and auditing

  • Preparation for inspections or audits
  • Independent mock audits to prepare for EU GMP audit
  • Support in organizing audits from Germany in non-EU countries
  • Generation of SOP for your company and your needs

Interim management for quality-related issues

  • Qualified person according to ยง 15 AMG
  • Responsible person for narcotics traffic
  • Responsible person for wholesale trade according to AM-HandelsV
  • Head of manufacturing according to AMWHV and EU-GMP

Marketing and Event management

Compliant digital marketing

  • BTM compliant conception, creation and maintenance of company websites
  • Organization of online communication with stakeholders
  • Tailor-made solutions for doctors and pharmacist support
  • Conception, creation and support of online platforms for the cannabis industry

Offline marketing in cooperation with the German Center for medical Cannabis

  • Providing an information officer for your company
  • Trainings conception and training of sales representatives for pharmacies and doctors
  • Organization of trainings for doctors and pharmacists
  • Conception and design of marketing material for field services
Marketing and Advertisment Cannabis Consultants

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