Integraleaf supports in the development of the german market

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Integraleaf supports in the development of the german market

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Tel Aviv/20.06.2023 – A company from Israel wants to revolutionize the cannabis market in Germany. With, the largest database for legal cannabis in Germany is launched. relies on transparent price comparisons, a huge database and radical openness. The goal: high-quality cannabis from the dispensary at prices far below the black market level.

“Our goal is to make prices for cannabis flowers and extracts more transparent and affordable. Towards prices that are well below the black market. In doing so, we will be doing politics and patients:inside a huge favor,” says David Ronen. “In Germany, many people still buy cannabis on the black market – it’s dangerous, but they are usually simply not educated. In fact, there is an overproduction of legally grown cannabis on the international market. Already there are specialized pharmacies that sell high quality cannabis from certified plants under 4 EUR per gram. Low costs due to medical, industrial production make this low price level possible. Unfortunately, this has not yet reached the public perception.

To help raise awareness,‘s price comparison is based on the largest database of legal cannabis flower, updated daily. The large price differences of over 400 different cannabis strains and flowers, with the cheapest offers in each case, thus become transparent and visible to everyone with just a few clicks.

“The Israeli market for medical cannabis is ten times larger, relatively speaking, than its German counterpart,” says David Ronen, emphasizing:

“The recreational cannabis market has not been legalized in Israel until today. In exchange, about

120,000 Israelis get their cannabis flowers legally and easily in Israeli pharmacies. And there has been no associated increase in traffic accidents, addiction or crime.”

Excerpt from price comparison on, prices per gram

David is a patient himself and wants to make it easier for others to safely access cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes.

Anyone who wants to buy cannabis legally in Germany needs a prescription from a doctor. Additionally, many people believe medical cannabis is particularly expensive. Both of these factors lead them to turn to the black market. There, they are denied independent quality controls and consumer protection. The consequences may be severe side effects from plastic-infused weed, hairspray, glass and synthetic extenders. wants to combine price transparency and education with a strong community in the future to promote the self-determined use of cannabis in Germany. On different channels there will be the possibility to exchange information about cannabis products and to share experience reports. This way, people should also be able to support and help each other.

Company profile: flowzz is an Israeli company that provides editorial information about medical cannabis products. It has the largest database for legal cannabis in Germany and offers daily updated price comparisons for cannabis products. is currently still in a beta stage, but is expected to develop into a central platform for the cannabis community in Germany, sharing testimonials, providing news and educating on the topic of cannabis.

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David Ronen,

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